Industrial Solar Rooftop PV Solution

As the world is getting warmer, it is necessary to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. The costs of running a industry is very high and there is constant pressure from the government to adopt green energy solutions. To reduce your carbon footprint, you could install solar panels on your roof and generate power for your facility. Infinit Energy Solutions are pioneers in Solar PV installations in India. We offer customized solutions as per the geographical location, industry size and load requirements. Our industrial Solar Rooftop Solutions are sleek and modern in design, which will help you increase the output and longer lifespan of these panels. You can save massive on the production cost of your industry and enjoy more profit. Plus, you will also enjoy tax benefits with 40% depreciation allowance.

Types Of Industrial Solar Rooftop Installation

Fixed Solar Panels

Inclined Solar Panels

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Industrial Rooftops

Huge savings upto 25 Years

  • There’ll be a significant reduction in your electricity bill. That’s because most of your power needs will be met by solar energy from solar systems installed on the commercial rooftops
  • If you install solar under the OPEX model, you’ll have to pay no more than 4 to 6 rupees/unit for the electricity generated from solar compared to 8 to 10 rupees/unit that you pay to the DISCOM

Satisfying the RPO obligations

  • Installing solar panels on commercial rooftops will also help you meet and satisfy your RPO obligations (Renewable Purchase Obligation)

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Going solar means the least emission of greenhouse houses. Thereby, you’re playing a significant part in

  • Reducing global warming
  • Protecting the planet
  • Reducing air pollution
  • Reducing the threat of dangerous respiratory and lung diseases

Income Tax Benefit

  • You can save money in the form of income tax benefits by claiming accelerated depreciation of 40% – 1st year, 40% – 2nd year, 20% – 3rd year on the cost of your commercial solar system

Our Industrial Solar Rooftop Installations

Hira Industries

Plant Size: 54 kW

Location: Ujjain, M.P.

Khushali Enterprises

Plant Size: 50 kW

Location: Ujjain, M.P.

Metal Forgers

Plant Size: 40 kW

Location: Ujjain, M.P.

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