Why Is Indore the Perfect City to Lead the Country (by Example) Towards Solar Energy?

Global warming is currently the biggest global threat – propelling nations around the world to take
concreate actions. In the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future, it’s essential that in every
country there should be a few cities that create practical models on energy conservation and clean
energy generation.
In this blog, we will explore factors that makes Indore, a city situated in the heart of India, a perfect
hotspot for the adoption of rooftop solar power generation.

Reason 1. Visionary Civic Body

Indore has famous for being the cleanest city of India. Indore Municipal Corporation, city’s civic body,
has demonstrated that can turn an ambitious movement of clean India into a reality. Now, IMC’s next
target is to transform Indore into Solar City. They shared this ambitious vision in May 2023. Their plan?
To increase the city’s solar capacity from 40 MW to a staggering 300 MW.
This ambitious goal is not just talk; the IMC has taken concrete steps to realize it. They have eased rules
and regulations for sanctioning buildings for solar projects, making it easier for residents and businesses
to harness the power of the sun. This proactive approach from the local government body of Indore
demonstrates their commitment to a sustainable future.

Reason 2. Citizen Movement is Strong in Indore

While visionary leadership is essential, what truly sets Indore apart is its resilient and community-driven
citizens. For seven consecutive years, Indore has held the title of India’s cleanest city, thanks in large
part to the active participation and cooperation of its residents. The sense of community and unity
among Indore’s people can turn any initiative into a revolution. This unity is precisely why Indore’s
citizens are poised to transform rooftop solar installations into a game-changer. They are not just
changing the landscape of their city but also the air quality, setting an example that the rest of the
country can’t ignore.

Reason 3. Indore Lies in the Landlocked State of Madhya Pradesh

Indore’s geographical location is another reason why it’s perfectly suited to lead India towards solar
energy. Situated in the landlocked state of Madhya Pradesh, it lacks the coastal advantages that make
wind power more viable. The plateau region of Indore is ideally suited for solar power generation.
Indore’s commitment to solar energy aligns with its geographical advantages, making it a natural choice.

Reason 4. High Annual Sunshine Hours

The sun smiles generously upon Indore, gifting the city with an abundance of sunlight. With an annual
average of 3,312.05 hours of sunshine, Indore has one of the highest solar energy potentials in India.
This means that residents and businesses can harness solar energy efficiently throughout the year,
reducing their dependence on traditional energy sources and cutting down on greenhouse gas

Why Should You Go for Rooftop Solar?

Now that we’ve explored why Indore is the perfect city for solar energy, let’s discuss why you, as an
individual, should consider rooftop solar installations. Not only will you contribute to a cleaner
environment, but you’ll also enjoy substantial cost savings in the long run. Solar panels on your roof
generate electricity, reducing your reliance on the grid. Excess energy can even be sold back to the grid,
putting money back in your pocket. It’s a win-win for both your wallet and the planet.

Embrace Solar – Making Vision into Reality

Ready to take the leap towards a greener future? Installing rooftop solar panels is easier than you might
think. Contact Infinit Energy Solutions, a leading rooftop solar installation company in Indore, to get
started. Our experts will guide you through the process, from assessing your roof’s suitability to
installing and maintaining the solar panels. Together, we can join Indore in leading the country towards
a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future powered by the sun. The time for change is now, and
Indore is lighting the way

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